Top 10

Social Media Sites & Platforms


Join (or build) niche Facebook Groups, leverage Messenger Chatbots, or use Live Video to encourage real-time interactions.

Monthly Average Users:  3 Billion


81 % of U.S. adults use YouTube. Viewers are 2X more likely to buy something they saw on YouTube and 4X more likely to use the platform to find brand, product, or service information. 

Monthly Average Users:  2.5 Billion


Over 68 % of Instagram users are under 35. Connect with them and transition followers from product research to purchase by linking product information and making sales.

Monthly Average Users:  2 Billion


17.7 % of the user base is aged 12 to 17. They spend an average of nearly 54 minutes on the app every day - the longest time of any app.

Monthly Average Users:  1.2 Billion


Snapchat reaches 70% of 13 to 24 year old's and has a uniquely organic feel with its user-generated content, behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive offers, and influencer takeovers.

Monthly Average Users:  750 Million

X (Twitter)

On X, brands can craft and hone their voice. if your business is related to entertainment, sports, politics, tech, or marketing, there are still opportunities to drive engagement.

Monthly Average Users:  541 Million


60 % of pinterest users are women. 89 % of weekly pinners use the platform for inspiration on their path to purchase, while 80 % have discovered a new brand or product on the platform.

Monthly Average Users:  465 Million


Reddit blends content and community, with more than 2.8 million communities, or subreddits, dedicated to various topics.

Monthly Average Users:  430 Million


LinkedIn boasts over 180 million users holding senior roles, 63 million decision-makers, and 10 million C-level executives.

Monthly Average Users:  350 Million


Integrated with Instagram. Threads allows you to build a following quite rapidly if you have a strong and engaged instagram community.

Monthly Average Users:  100 Million