Social Media Marketing Exam Set 6


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The world has changed and so has how we think about inbound, which is why advertising should be considered part of your marketing playbook.

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What is one of the major benefits of Facebook Lead Ads?

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Selling to prospects by messaging them on Facebook could be seen as invading their private space.

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Why should you talk directly with your social followers and prospects?

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How much of the buyer’s journey is digital?

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Your campaign should also help the influencer build authority and further their own content or reach.

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Which of the below is NOT one of the three factors determining how an influencer can impact behavior?

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You should make sure experimentation is ingrained in your strategic plan.

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If you don’t have your _____________ in mind as you’re developing content and social campaigns, then you probably aren’t using social as effectively as you could be.

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Why are UTM parameters so valuable to your social listening and monitoring program?

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Social listening can help you find leads.

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How can social media listening increase customer advocacy?

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What’s the difference between social listening and social monitoring?

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Which of these KPIs demonstrate engagement? Choose all that apply.

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Which KPI is most likely to be a vanity metric?