Social Media Marketing Exam Set 5


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On which social network should you share content most frequently?

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There are many benefits to having a social media strategy. Which answer is NOT one of them?

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There are certain actions that need to be taken into consideration for a social media crisis. What’s an action you should avoid?

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Evaluating the team dynamics and how each member did in the crisis along with analyzing the reactions, KPIs, and overall response to the crisis happens during the response stage.

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What is NOT an example of a social media crisis?

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What’s the first step organizations and brands need to take when establishing a social media policy?

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A(n) ________ outlines guidelines and best practices for employees to follow on social media.

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To implement an effective social media strategy, you have to be aware of the legal challenges, not ethical ones.

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Why do you need to use leading indicators of revenue success when calculating ROI on your social media strategy?

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When measuring your social media ROI, you calculate the effectiveness of an action by dividing the net income by the cost of this action and multiplying it by 100.

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You’re starting a project and don’t have a past campaign to use as a benchmark. How can you secure executive buy-in?

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Which one of the below choices is NOT a reason you should be measuring your social media ROI?

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The number of leads you generate that actually become paying customers is known as your ________.

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You bid $5.00 on a click on your Facebook ad. The next highest bidder only pays $3.00 to target an ad at the exact same audience. How much will Facebook make you pay to win the bid?

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An ad for your upcoming webinar on network security should lead people directly to ___________.