SEO Exam Set 3


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In order to optimize the content, one should focus on the -

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Which of the following comes under the Black Hat SEO technique?

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You may also call hidden text ____ because it cannot be read or seen by your visitors.

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____ show the detailed structure of your sites, such as the different sections and the links between them, in a visual manner.

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Internal links are links between pages on the same domain, and _____ is the process of creating them.

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Which of the following comes under the White Hat SEO technique?

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What does Alt text stand for?

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____ networks (such as Facebook and Twitter) use Open Graph Meta Tags to communicate a page's content.

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Browsers and search engines use the Meta tags to gather information about the ____. The content of Meta tags is not displayed on the _____.

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A canonical URL must be used if your website has ____ pages with similar content, or if your site's content appears on another website as well.